Recording: “Building Ham Radio in the Maker Movement”

Check out this recording of “Building Ham Radio into the Maker Movement” by speaker Richard Moseson (W2VU) , Editorial Director of CQ Magazine from the Fairlawn Amateur Radio Club. He addresses the concerns that ham radio is a dying hobby and what draws the attention of the younger maker community as well as what areas of the hobby are growing.

Mr. Moseson asked “What can we do to bring people into the hobby?” and went on to answer with his experience, making the following points.

  • Spotlight a wide variety of activities in ham radio
  • Clubs can reach out to other groups (robotics, makers, etc.)
  • Offer license sessions and follow-up with new hams
  • Club activities like “learn to solder” or “working your radio” to engage and train new hams

I collected some other quotes I thought I’d share with you.

“Morse code fascinates kids.”
“There is a resurgence in building.”
“Hand in hand with making is QRP and mobile operating.”
“License exams never did require you to know anything.”
“A ham license is like a driver’s license. You’ve shown you know the basic rules of the road.”
“I am seeing a drop off in the number of Elmers.”
“Meet new hams where they are.”
On having something to do. “Our ham fests don’t tend to have that.”

Thanks to Rob KA2PBT for pulling the recording together!

What did you find to be interesting in this talk?