“Building Ham Radio Into The Growing Maker Movement”

Squeeee! I’m a bit too excited about seeing this news. Please forgive my fangirl squeal.

flarc-60th-logo20v1a_inverse_250x181Fair Lawn Amateur Radio Club has an event coming up in April that, if I still lived in the North East US, I’d be all about checking out. The topic of discussion at this event will be “Building Ham Radio Into The Growing Maker Movement”. Richard Moseson (W2VU), Editorial Director of CQ Magazine, will be the speaker.

I’m excited. This is one of the first events I’ve seen where an Amateur Radio group of any type is intentionally thinking about the “Maker Movement” and how that group of people are approaching the hobby differently. I think the maker perspective is very different from the average current ham perspective so doesn’t seem to mesh without intention. The press release calls it a “resurgence”. Given the history of ham radio, I think this is very fair. I hope current hams can continue to appreciate and encourage the maker movement.

If I wasn’t two time zones away I’d like to go and throw around my Ham Maker versus Home Brewer theory to get interaction from others in attendance and see if they think the distinction is valid or worth anything. A friend of mine, KA2PBT, may be able to make it so I’ll be looking for his review.

Have you seen other events like this? I’d really enjoy hearing more about how these two groups are getting together. Please share!