Another Ham’s Homebrewing Journey

Someone on /r/amateurradio recommended K0IYE’s book “Crystal Sets to Sideband”. Something about the recommendation sounded like exactly the sort of journey I wanted to read about. It turns out that Frank Harris wrote the book from a collection of articles. The book is now in its 13th revision. His website shares each chapter by PDF, but I found this a bit difficult to manage so turned it into a single PDF document.

I’m still working my way through, but unlike many other resources I read, this really does take the reader from some very early concepts and explains in greater detail how the basics of radio electronics works. I’ve struggled through some of it, reading it over and over, but I can eventually comprehend the circuit being discussed. Other resources I find simply assume things I don’t yet understand so I’m really appreciating Mr. Harris’ depth.

Another thing I like about it is the story like structure. I know I learn by experiencing things, but more and more I’ve come to realize I can experience things by walking through a story with someone. The chronological way in which K0IYE‘s story is written has enhanced the experience for me. I can imagine being in his shoes learning alongside him. It turns out he also lives in the same state I do. Maybe some day I can go see him and thank him like I did W0STU at a hamfest whose books helped me pass the exams, but I figure I should actually finish the book first!

I really enjoy the picture of K0IYE’s shack. It seems to tell a story all its own and realizing that he was telling a story of an all homebrew shack made me want to dig into the book that much more. His commitment to homebrew from simple parts, not ICs is inspiring!